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Let me start off by saying that I'm not a conspiracy kinda guy, and I don't mean that in a condescending way. I love that there are people that question absolutely everything, because that's what is needed to get to the truth, but I can't live a life of skepticism- it would ruin my mental health. With that said, the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has rattled my spidey sense like nothing I've experienced in almost 50 years. I have been watching this whole pandemic unfold since late December, when I first read about a mysterious cluster of pneumonia in Wuhan. I try to get my information from as many diverse sources as possible, and it was clear from the beginning that what I was reading and seeing online was vastly different from what I was hearing on MSM. That isn't too unusual, so I didn't think much of it at the time. Something hasn't felt "right" about this since the beginning, though.

On one hand, in the first days of the outbreak we have amateur video and reports on the ground coming out of Wuhan of people being welded into their apartments, hospitals overwhelmed, bodies being burned 24x7, people collapsing on the street and dying, mass disinfecting of streets and buildings, animals being thrown off of apartment buildings, reports that it escaped from a biolab, a city overtaken by the army, etc, etc. On the other hand, none of this is reported in the mainstream media, and in fact, the video is often referred to as "fake". This is the first odd thing to me. We undoubtedly have espionage in China, as does just about every other modern country and vice versa. This video footage and reports could easily have been corroborated within a day, meaning most governments in the world would know exactly what we were dealing with- an airborne, human to human virus that is easily transmitted and pretty deadly. I'm an idiot on the internet and I surmised as much within the first week of this whole thing. The weird thing is that the WHO then comes out citing China and saying they don't believe this is transmissible human to human, which flies in the face of 1) reports out of China 2) past history of coronavirus outbreaks in China and Middle East (Sars 1 and MERS) and 3) reports from Taiwan. It's one thing for the WHO to lie, it's another for modern governments across the world to believe it, when as I stated before, intelligence on the ground inside China would surely know otherwise. We know China is a threat, we know bio weapons are a threat, it's something they actively look for in the intelligence community, so this "mistake" is akin to our intelligence community not realizing that North Korea was about to launch a nuke at mainland USA- it is unusual.

Then you have the reaction of governments around the world. Let's say the intelligence community the world over failed to report what was really going on in China. There are still numerous video's and reports from journalists who were "jailed" over their investigative reporting early on. You would have to have watched just FOX or CNN to miss the fact that something big was up in China and it was heading your way, and I hope most leaders in the world don't rely on those news channels to make defense decisions. But nobody did anything. Trump closed off travel from China, a few others did similar things. Sounds good, right? The thing is, this still doesn't make sense. You're seeing what China is doing, and you aren't reacting. To be fair, we know now that even reacting at this point wouldn't have done much because this virus had been floating around undetected for over a month in a population of 1.6 billion and now in a population of 325 million. Everyone likes to say, "but contact tracing". "Look, South Korea did contact tracing and Singapore did contact tracing, and Taiwan did contact tracing, look at how they stopped this virus!" This is the other thing that doesn't make sense. Let's assume, if China became aware of this in December (we all know it was earlier), that it's been making it's way around the world since November. You're telling me that SK, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. have such good contact tracing that they can go back 3 months and trace every contact you've had since then? And every contact they've had since then? And so on? How is that even possible? Magically, every Asian country has dealt with this amazingly. Almost no Asian countries have had the issues that the rest of the world has had. "It's because they're used to it with SARS". "It's because they wear masks". Insert any excuse here, it still doesn't stop a virus that has been spreading for months before you knew, especially one supposedly as contagious as COVID19.

Then you have the misinformation campaign:

"Masks don't work. Masks make it worse. Maybe masks work, but not for you, it helps others. Ok masks work. Everyone has to wear masks or be arrested."

"It's not airborne. It may be airborne. It's airborne, but only to 6 feet. It's airborne, but to 20 feet. It's airborne and stays in the air for 3 hours. Maybe it isn't airborne after all, air and sunshine kill it. Go outside, it will make you feel better."

"It lasts on surfaces for under an hour. Maybe a week. Maybe a day. We don't think getting it from surfaces is a vector of transmission. Wash all your groceries. You can't get it from eating food. Make sure to cook takeout food to 250 degrees to kill any virus on it. Eating out is fine, as long as you're outside. "

"You can't get it twice. Wait, you can actually have it and it can reappear once it's gone. Nevermind, that was poor testing, you can't get it twice. Having it may not give any immunity to getting it again. Ah shit, we don't know, but we're making a vaccine which may work. It may not work also, but you're going to have to get it to do anything in life. But we aren't forcing it on you, it's your choice. If you don't want it, you can just live at home and never go to work or school or the grocery store again, and you also can't see anyone in your family, but it's your choice we aren't forcing it on you, but it may work but it may also not work but you have to have it. Vaccines take 3 years to make, but we can get this done in 2 years while staying to safety guidelines. We can't wait for safety guidelines, we're going to have it ready by fall. "

"The peak is going to be April 5th. 10 days to slow the spread! 15 days to slow the spread! 30 days to slow the spread! It's going to kill 3 million Americans. It's going to kill 250k Americans. It's going to kill 30k Americans. No 60k. No 50k. 45 days to slow the spread! The peak is coming May 1st. The peak is coming June 15th. The peak is actually a different peak for every state. It's actually a different peak for every city in every state. 90 days to slow the spread! We hit our peak. We haven't hit our peak yet. We aren't going to hit our peak. Our hospitals are overwhelmed, we've run out of ventilators and people are dying at home. Our hospitals are closing up because nobody is in them, nurses are being furloughed. We have an abundance of ventilators, we're giving them to other countries. Ventilators save lives. Ventilators don't work on COVID19, they actually make it worse. "

It's just a little "shared sacrifice". Some are sharing the sacrifice by being unemployed, some are sharing the sacrifice by eating Jeni's ice cream out of their 24k freezer instead of going to Capitol Hill and doing their job. We're in the Greater Depression, but the economy is great and we're going to bounce right back out of this.

"Stay inside, save lives and don't be selfish. Go outside, sunlight kills the virus. If you go outside, you will be arrested. Eating outside may be the path forward for restaurants in the summer. Support your local restaurants, but stay inside. "

HCQ, zinc, and zpack can save lives. HCQ is actually very dangerous. Trials show HCQ, zinc and zpack reduces duration of virus when given early. VA trials show HCQ killed most people who took it.

"China patents Remdesivir for use against coronavirus. Two months later, US thinks Remdesivir may help against coronavirus. Trials show Remdesivir doesn't help against coronavirus. Trials show Remdesivir helps against coronavirus."

"Studies show majority of transmission is between families living together. Enforced lockdowns, you must stay at home with your family. If one of you gets sick, we are going to take you out of your house and put you in quarantine. "

"Listen, remember that 30 days to flatten the curve? I mean stop the spread. That's now going to be all summer, beaches are closed, 4th of July is canceled. We're probably going to have to vote by mail so we can pad the books, I mean stop the curve, I mean flatten the spread. And we don't use the word quarantine, that's so March. It's lockdown. Listen, I know you think you have Constitutional rights, but you're actually wrong. I gave a decree as Governor. Arrest these people peacefully protesting officer. We're not infringing on your rights, it's just a little temporary delay of rights in this shared sacrifice. It's only for 10, 15, 30, 45, 90, 400 days. Coronavirus will be with us for years. Or not, if the vaccine works, but who knows if it will so we're going to have to go into repeated lockdowns for the next decade or so to be sure. You can protest, it just has to be in your backyard, by yourself, while wearing a mask. See how we aren't infringing on your rights?"

See what I mean? What, the, fuck? How do you not know how long the virus can stay on a surface within the first week of the virus? How hard can that test be to produce in a lab? How about finding out of it's airborne? That should be relatively easy as well in a lab. I like to think of myself as a rational, logical person (maybe I'm not who knows), but this whole pandemic wrecked my logical brain. I see nothing but flip flopping, misinformation, "we don't knows", every day on the news.

This leads me to the point of the post, the scariest part of everything, yes, even scarier than "drowning in my own lung juices". People are giving up their rights like they are the gristle off a piece of steak. "You don't want to give up your rights? You just want to come off lockdown so you can get a haircut, hillbilly uneducated Trump supporter Nazi. You want my grandmother to die so you can get a meatball hoagie, scum. I'm a good citizen, I give up my rights for the greater good."

Please, someone explain what is going on to me, because I'm not a conspiracy guy, but this whole thing is WRONG. It's the deadliest virus we've seen since 1917, but it isn't that deadly, but China had to weld people into their homes, but that was an overreaction, but Asian countries are doing fine because of masks, but some countries are hotspots with absolutely no explanation, Italy is doing terrible, but wait it's just one area of North Italy and the rest is actually fine, the US is melting down, but actually it's only NYC. I'm not saying it's a hoax. I'm not saying it's a plandemic. I'm just saying that none of this is logical. Nothing makes any sense, and the scariest part of it all is that my fellow citizens are willfully giving up their rights and snitching on citizens and lambasting those who are standing up for their rights. My entire perception of my country changed overnight. I used to think, man, we have oathkeepers, the police and Army will never turn on their citizens and do the bidding of a tyrannical government. Oh wait, Katrina and the seizure of arms by the Guard...well, it'll be different this time. But it isn't, it's worse. I used to think we would never be a dictatorship, because our Army would do the right thing, but now I realize how wrong I have been about everything in my adult life. I am utterly terrified of the world that I am going to leave to my children. I expect government to try to seize up as much power as possible, it's the trap every person in power falls into. I did not expect the citizens, including the police and Army, to fall lockstep into position. This isn't a US exclusive thing, it's happening all around the world and it happened so quickly nobody had time to think. The saying has always been that nobody can beat the US in a war, the way to beat us is on the inside. Poisoning the minds of our population until we turn against one another and bring ourselves down. Mission accomplished.